CBC Testing at Shikshan Mandal

An event was organised by CanConnect at 'Shikshan Mandal' Pune. 'Shikshan Mandal' is the core organisation which runs all of the Pune Municipal Schools.

On 13th December 2016, we had arranged a camp for testing 50-60 women teachers and staff. The test was for CBC. The event was arranged by Ms. Mrinal Kulkarni, through her contact Ms. Bapat. From CanConnect, Chetana, Dr.Ram and Salil Kulkarni were present. From DGL, Gulzar and the technical team were present. The event went off well, as the staff of Shikshan Mandal were very well organised. Everything was in place, so our team could get into action quickly. Ms. Vasanti Kakade, Chairperson, Shikshan Mandal was around too, along with her senior staff.

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